About the ending of "Birdman"


First of all I apologize for my English language skills, but wanted to share my theory about the end of Birdman with more people, so I Use Google translator've done this exceptional entry in my blog. Thank you!

I have seen very good reviews of the film, of the many available on the Internet. I'm going to concentrate only in the end. It would be more realistic than the protagonist's death was caused by firing on stage, but I think something else happened here, is not coincidence the meteorite falling nor jellyfish ... For me, Riggan dies launch window Hospital, but it does only a few moments before the death of the rest of humanity ...


When the movie begins it is a large meteor falling toward the earth, and the same happens in the final scene, but off camera, because only see Sam watching it fall .... The film, self-contained, biting its tail like a snake .
At the end Riggan is thrown out the window and porridge is done against the asphalt. Sam comes to find him, calls, no response, think the worst and go straight to the window, looks down, sees his father stamped on the ground, all broken and very dead. His mind denies facing both sides and finally draws attention to the buzz of the fall of the meteorite and looks up. First look with horror, but then falls into the situation that your reality is a shit ... and it will magically release out of that situation without pain, instantly. Peace and rest.

Fleeing birds, their instinct tells them that something bad will happen ...

The meteorite makes an appearance in the sky

Realizing the end.

If we look closely, we will see several clues about the extinction of the human race:

1) Toilet paper written by Sam shows how small man is the history of man in earth and symbolically how easy can be "erased" with the metaphor of Riggan wiping his nose ...

2) The meteorite is more than obvious, but in this case as associate to extinction? We give a clue about jellyfish on the beach ... explained in point 3.

3) Jellyfish: There is a tourist village on the coast of Guipuzcoa, in the Basque Country (Spain), where they have appeared in a dead jellyfish on the beach very large number. It is special about this beach? Nearby, in a layer of rock called "Flysch Black" scientists have found fossilized jellyfish from the time of the dinosaurs ... this "Black Flysch" is a very thin layer of a dark clay that hides the evidence of one of the greatest cataclysms of history, the meteorite that hit us 65 million years ago, releasing the energy of 100 million atomic bombs, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. If it happened once it can happen again, right? Well, jellyfish witnessed then and now do it again. The previous time were the dinosaurs, now the man with his EGO, and perhaps within 65 million years, in the next meteorite might also survive jellyfish ...

Hint: The jellyfish appear only twice: 1) In a scene just over four tenths of a second at the beginning of the film, when they put the title - below can see it in the film can pause. 2) Later in the movie they are in a slightly more extensive scene. The difference between the two shots is that in the first scene no birds, prehistoric jellyfish are only 65 million years ago and the second stage there are birds, of our time, the time of our extinction.

 Frame of the first scene jellyfish at the beginning.
(The sky can be orange by the sunset or by the meteorite)

In short: I think the director chooses the private drama of a man, Riggan, and shows how it punishes himself being unhappy, The problem is that he believes to reach the plays must take the path of admiration and recognition of others. That problem is your EGO ... But the point here is that we are all a little Riggan, giving importance to things that are no more than a dot of ink of a scratch made on a piece of toilet paper ... so unimportant and fragile as that. Without falling into the reality that a piece of rock can convert the collective human ego in a second into nothingness ... cosmic dust.

Riggan pointing out with finger through which the movie ...

A blow to the ego of men, a blow to the ego of man...

A compilation of the final as I see it. (That the film is the ego): P